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I seldom write to any comments about LU vendors unless my experience with them is totally bad or totally good. In this case, my experience with NRG Electrical Services could not be any better. Stephen provided me with excellent electrical services in an old SF property and did not mind explaining me the costs of the work to be performed in a professional yet non-condescending manner. He showed up on time, completed the job as ahead of scheduled and at the agreed price. In fact, in this particular case, he even did a couple of other things that needed to be done for free. He truly is a professional and I highly recommend him. In my opinion, NRG Electrical Services is an asset to the LU organization and I intent to use their services in my next real estate investment project. Thank you.
Robert Trevino

I had a friend call me this morning frantic needing an electrician. She and her fiancé had recently rented his house out (in League City) and her tenants called to tell her they smelled something burning and/or had blown a circuit breaker. She was scared that she could not get someone to go all the way down there to help her. I have not had the need of an electrician for any of my properties (as of yet) so I passed along NRG’s information based off the reviews written here. Although she is not a Lifestyles member and really does not want to do “real estate” NRG was very prompt and provided her very quick service. Here are her comments:

Thursday, September 17, 2009 9:56 AM

I have Stephen Piatt on his way

Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:40 PM

NRG Electrical Services took care of the problem. They diagnosed and fixed it on the spot. I’m grateful it wasn’t anything complicated. Thank you for the referral. I mentioned you and Lifestyles so ya’ll get the credit for making the referral.

I am grateful that as a RE Investor we have access to vendors like this and it shows NRG provides exceptional service, and not just to us members here.

Thank you NRG for helping out and being part of the Lifestyles network!
Joni Zagst

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